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Educational Consulting Services



Paraklete Consulting provides: 

  • advice to families exploring available educational opportunities for children

  • guidance in assessing the fit between educational opportunities and children’s abilities, interests, and needs

  • advocacy for students and support for parents with staff in school settings


We tailor our support based on the goals of the family and can help parents and

students by:

  • Providing objective perspectives on child’s strengths and needs

  • Evaluating school options to find the right school for a child when the child needs greater academic challenge or more academic support

  • Advising parents about how best to support their children with school or peer issues


Paraklete Consulting, LLC can assist schools, corporations, and organizations by bringing vision and knowledge to projects that address the learning and developmental needs of children and youth.  

We have the expertise to help: 

  • Solve problems related to learning and development across the age span, from infancy through adolescence.

  • Design research-based intervention and prevention programs that target families and children facing challenges to achieving healthy outcomes

  • Develop strategies to overhaul programs, policies, and priorities

  • Create plans to help improve academic development

  • Provide recommendations based on best practices and paths for achieving an institution’s goals.


Paraklete added value to our Early Childhood Education systems capacity building work in Mississippi by compiling a toolkit for practitioners, parents, and other stakeholders.  Paraklete’s contributions were detailed and comprehensive, demonstrating a thorough knowledge of the field.

Joy G. Hervey, Ed.D., M.Div., Founder and Principal, Genesis Consulting Group, LLC, Jacksonville, FL

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