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Dr. Linda F. Gorham is a seasoned speaker on the topics of mental wellness, spirituality and mental health, culture and development, moral development, academic achievement, parenting, development across the life-span, resilience, and the complex dynamic of the school-parent-child relationship.  She leads seminars, webinars, workshops, and presentations on topics such as:


• The Developing Child

• Parent-Child Relationship-Building Essentials

• Helping Children Succeed in School and Beyond

• Ethnic Identity Development and Academic Success

• Nurturing Resilience in Children

• Supporting Children’s Spiritual and Moral  Development

• Parenting the Emerging Adult


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Dr. Linda Gorham’s on-line seminar on emerging adults was both informative and encouraging. Dr. Gorham teaches not only as an expert in the field of psychology but also from her experiences as a parent and pastor.  Her presentation helped me to better understand the challenges our young adults face and the critical role of parents at this stage.  I am learning to let go of the worries and concerns for my emerging adult children and enjoy the growing relationship that is shaped by mutual respect and fueled by prayers.

Rev. Dr. Mia Chang, Lead Pastor, NextGen Church, West Windsor Township, NJ

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